Can I Travel To Colombia?


This is what we know about getting into Colombia right now:


Updated September 20th, 2021

What the Colombian Government Says:


Colombia is open to tourists! Travellers must present a medical certificate with a negative COVID-19 PCR test result issued within 96 hours prior to departure. However, airlines may allow the boarding of travellers who do not have this test, provided they state under oath that they were unable to take a test or obtain the result within the required timeframe. In these cases, the Colombian government may require testing and/or isolation upon arrival in Colombia

Travellers must fill out the Check-Mig form and must comply with follow-up health checks via CoronAPP mobile app.

What The UK Government Says:


The UK Government have recently updated International travel restrictions and we for one and down for it! International travel is back on! This will be split into 2 sections for those than are double vaccinated - Ok to travel and do not travel, simple right? Also, if double vaccinated, from the end of October you will no longer require a test to return to the UK and a PCR on day 2 will be replaced with a much cheaper lateral flow test. Great news for travel right? Obviously you’ll need to check the country's entry requirements and their conditions for entry but Colombia is currently on the UK’s NOT Ok to Travel list.

You can check out more information on travel to Colombia here.

Check for more information from the UK Government here 

What The US Government says:


The US government advises reconsidering any travel to Colombia as well as the CDC advising against all travel at this time. Check here for more information on travel to Colombia from the US.

Our Verdict:

Of all the countries we operate in, Colombia is by far one of the easiest to travel to! Just need to get a test and check-in while you are there with their app. However, it will be difficult for you to come back to the UK as you will have to quarantine. If you do go, make sure your travel insurance covers you. For insurance that covers travellers where most other providers don't, check out Battle Face Insurance.



So the climate in Colombia changes hugely from region to region which means you can travel to places in Colombia all year round, winner winner chicken dinner (Quorn if you're veggie)! Colombia’s location is near the equator, which means the climate is tropical. However, the best time to visit Colombia generally is December - March, which are the driest months in the Andes. Although, Colombia’s Caribbean coast is hot all year round which means for some unreal beaches and maybe even a private island getaway?!

Colombia’s a country for all travellers, fancy hiking some mountains, exploring the jungle or hitting up the Caribbean coastlines? Well, Colombia’s got it all! There are even bustling cities to explore, give me your best Narcos impression I dare ya!



There is so much to do in Colombia so if you’re feeling overwhelmed with choice that’s understandable but, don’t worry because we’re here to give you the MUST sees and the MUST dos of Colombia.

View of colourful street in Colombia with cobbled floor

Guatapé - Welcome to Colombia’s most colourful town! Guatapé is in the Northwest of Colombia to the east of Medellin and is well known for its fantastic street art and colourful houses. Fun fact, all the street art you’ll see tells a story, it can tell you about a family's heritage or business who owns the building! You’ll only find this street art in Guatapé so make sure you've got your cameras ready, or artsy ideas if you want to become the new Banksy of Guatapé!! Guatapé is also home to El Penol Rock which is a whopping 650 stairs to the top, but just think of the well-deserved beer you can have after and of course, the breathtaking view! So worth it! When in Colombia, you HAVE to visit a coffee farm, coffee lover or not! Here you’ll learn that the coffee industry is so vital for the local community and why it’s the country’s BIGGEST export (but I’m sure you already know this).

Private Island Getaway - Fancy an island-hopping getaway? Or staying on a private island for a couple of nights overlooking the absolute unreal views of the Caribbean sea set deep in the mangroves. Then this is most definitely for you! Islas De San Bernardo is a group of islands 2 hours away from the city of Cartagena. A picture-perfect retreat if you ask me! Incredible views with crystal clear blue waters, so get your snorkels and swimmers out! If you're looking for something a little more active, there's a bunch of water activities you can take part in such as kayaking and paddleboarding! You’ll also get the chance to see the serene island of Tintipán, home to exotic birds before stopping at a few different islands to relax and cool off!

Medellin, Comuna 13 - Comuna 13 is a MUST SEE in Colombia! Once known as the most dangerous area in Medellin, but now that Medellin has turned into one of the most popular cities in South America to visit, Comuna 13 has got a bright future! An experience you won’t forget, learning about the history and culture of Comuna 13 while exploring the streets, taking in the amazing street art (maybe even meeting a few of the artists if you're lucky!) and travelling the escalators into the vibrant neighbourhood. The street art is so popular in Comuna 13 that they hold graffiti festivals and competitions that bring loads of artists from all over South America, ARTSY VIBES YA FEEL?

Colombia is a country with so much to do; I would be here forever if I were to name everything, so there are a few highlights! Although it’s no good me just telling you about it, you’ll have to experience colourful and cultural Colombia yourself. Colombia’s waiting…

As Always, TruFam

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