Can I Travel To Croatia?


Last Updated June 9th, 2021

Croatia, we miss you..we can't take this long-distance relationship anymore! Dreaming of partying in Hvar, swimming in turquoise waters at Krka National Park, exploring the coast of Dubrovnik & sipping cocktails at the Floatilla party. Ah, sounds like paradise to us. SO, this is what we know about getting into Croatia

A aerial view of Dubrovnik, Croatia showing bright clear blue water, the historical sea walls and luscious greenery surrounding Croatia

What the Croatian Government Says:

The Croatian Government has said that travellers coming from countries within the EU and countries that are currently on the ‘’green list’’ of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control will be allowed entry into Croatia if you have no signs of COVID and have not been in contact with anyone who has COVID. Travellers arriving in Croatia from a country that is not on the ‘’green list’’ has to present one of the following; a negative PCR test result, with the result not being older than 48 hours or a vaccination certificate for a double or single dose if the dose was received more than 14 days ago. Check for more information from the Croatian Government on travel to Croatia here.

What the UK Government Says:

As of now, the UK government advises against all non-essential travel and international travel is now illegal until May 17th. However, the UK Government have now released a traffic light system that includes categories of red, amber and green. The countries on these lists have now been released and Croatia is currently in the amber category which means you should not travel for leisure purposes and if you were to travel, you are subject to a 10-day quarantine and to take a COVID test on day 2 & day 8. However, the countries in these categories are to be updated every 3 weeks, so fingers crossed Croatia makes it onto the green list soon! The Government has also released a four-step roadmap for the UK coming out of lockdown which will hopefully end with all restrictions on social contact ending on the 21st of June. Check for more information from the UK Government here.

What the US Government Says:

The US Government advises against all non-essential travel and has issued Croatia with a level 4 travel advisory meaning do not travel. Check for more information from the US Government here.

Our Verdict

Our verdict is that if you live in the UK then you’ll, unfortunately, have to wait until travel restrictions are lifted BUT that does not mean you have to stop planning or dreaming about a 10/10 trip to Croatia, check out our life-changing Croatia trips here! If you are from the US, and you are travelling to Croatia you will have to ensure you follow all requirements from the Croatian Government upon entry.

When is the best time to Croatia?

If you are looking for lots of sunshine, and warm temperatures of 21-29°C then the best time to visit Croatia will be the months June through September. If it’s cooler temperatures you’re after then the best time to go will be April, May & October. Although, Croatia offers great experiences all year round, with weather conditions catering to plenty of different activities. Winner winner chicken dinner (Quorn if your vegan)!


Ahh, it can’t just be me dreaming of a Croatian summer.. Right? Well, if we are one & the same and you find yourself craving, dreaming, thinking, of a summer spent in Croatia then you best read on to find out a few of the must-do, bucket list activities for when you are in Croatia! Want more must-visit, bucket list places & activities? Read the Top 10 Must Visit Places In Croatia here!

Krka National Park

Krka National Park in Croatia waterfalls showing bright turquoise water and amazing greenery

Imagine turquoise glistening waters, luscious green forests, bright clear blue skies and flowing waterfalls.. wouldn't mind being there right now? Because SAME. Krka National Park is an unmissable spot, walk through the national park gazing at the spectacular views around you, take photos for the 'gram & (the best bit) have a dip in the water.. it looks inviting, doesn't it! The best bit, there's not just one but there are SEVEN waterfalls. Follow the trails past the cascades and become one with nature. Promise you won't regret this visit.

Explore Dubrovnik

An aerial view of Dubrovnik, Croatia's scenic terracotta town, bright and deep blue ocean and greenery.


Everyone knows about Dubrovnik! Whether it's because of the striking coastal views, bright clear blue ocean, terracotta houses or a certain TV show being filmed there.. did someone say Game of Thrones? Whatever the reason, you can't go to Croatia without visiting Dubrovnik. Fancy spending a summer in the city on the Adriatic coast? Well, we hear ya, so check out our Croatia trips here! Wander along the cobbled streets, check out the filming spots for the Game of Thrones Kings Landing, go to the beach and take a dip in the sea, or watch a phenomenal sunset from a quirky lil' bar (Dubrovnik is home to many btw!). Meet you there!

Pltivice Lakes

Birds eye view of the waterfalls at Plitvice National Park in Croatia

You might be wondering ''How do I even pronounce this?"'.. but that's not really important in comparison to the reasons why you HAVE to visit Plitvice Lakes! Ok so you can't actually swim in the lakes like you can at Krka National Park but you 100% should visit still. The atmosphere is magical, calming and serene, hearing the birds and flowing waterfalls while enjoying the views of the pristine turquoise lakes. Follow the paths through the lush forest and take in unreal views. Don't say we never spoil ya, here's the ultimate guide to Plitvice Lakes!

So although we can't spontaneously jet off to the Adriatic coast and enjoy everything that Croatia has to offer right now, we most definitely can keep dreaming and planning for the trip of a lifetime. Summer in Croatia? We're so ready! Just gimme the green light and I am there. See you at the beach!

Don't Quit Your Daydream.

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