This peninsula jutting into the Gulf of Thailand, is ringed by pretty sand beaches and stunning islands, which has seen Sihanoukville fast become Cambodia’s premier beach location and is famed for its awesome beaches and sometimes wild nightlife.

It is also Cambodia’s youngest city; Sihanoukville sprung to life in 1955 when a construction team arrived at what was then known as ‘Kampong Som’ to begin work on Cambodia’s first, and only, deep water port. In 1960 when the ports construction was finished the area was renamed Sihanoukville in honor of King Sihanouk.

Today it is a bustling and ever expanding town, popular with backpackers because it offers cheap food and drink (50 cent beers), a beach bum lifestyle by day and wild partying come sun down. It’s palm-fringed beaches, abundances of restaurants and after dark bars as well as its close proximity to many beautiful tropical islands should put it high on your list of places to go in Cambodia. Fortunately, it is the 4th stop on our 12 day Cambodia Explorer trip so if you want to join a crew of fun loving, young travellers on an epic adventure the check it out 🙂

Sihanoukville – What We Do…

Island Boat Trip – One of the days in Sihanoukville we all jump on a boat to spend the day discovering beautiful islands and beaches, snorkelling with tropical fishes and relaxing on the deck of the boat. Lunch, water and soft drinks are provided on board and if you’re lucky we will even bring a few beers along for the ride.

Nightlife – As mentioned, Sihanoukville is known for having a lively backpacker bar scene and most of the time it does not disappoint. As the area has been popular with backpackers for a long time, a few backpacker bars and party’s have popped up on serendipity beach (near where we stay) as well as in Otres Beach and a few other places near by.

Beach or Pool Time – When we arrive from Kampot we have a free afternoon to spend lounging by the hotel pool or on the near by beach or exploring the town.

Sihanoukville – Where We Stay

We stay in a nice modern hotel a few minute walk from Serendipity Beach and right near all the restaurants, bars and resorts. We use only private twin share rooms which have air conditioning, en suite bathrooms and are only a few steps from the hotels pool.