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Having fun in the sea Koh Tao Thailand

Isn't it crazy just 2 years ago, most of us didn't know what a pandemic was? Wearing masks was for masquerade balls, fancy dress or a god awful Halloween costume. Life has done a complete 360 this past few years, but the burning desire to see the world and travel is very much still alive. Travel is a part of you; visiting unspoilt secluded beaches, grabbing coffee in a big city around the globe, even catching the local transport is exciting. From subways to tuk tuks, cycling to flying. The travel world had been put on hold, but the wanderlust is still very real.


A girl in a doughnut holding a beer and admiring the view of Khao Sok in Thailand

With good news comes greater plans. The trip of the life time and the well deserved bucket list ticking holiday's you've been dreaming of. Travelling post-pandemic may be a bit different, but hey, maybe social distancing for the foreseeable future isn't such a bad thing.. I mean if we have to go to a private island, keep our distance by laying out on a deserted beach, well. So be it! So how can I plan a post-pandemic holiday? Should I book a holiday abroad in 2022? Well, we're here to tell you!


Researching your dream destination can really keep your spirit alive. International travel is back on for 2022! So get going! Researching your dream trip to Bali or Thailand or planning of island hopping around Greece or Croatia can really give you something to look forward to, and we're all ten times happier when we've got plans. That's straight facts. Keep in the loop with what's happening in the world. Border requirements, PCR testing, vaccine news for travel, all that jazz. Check out our where can I travel pages, and you'll be in the know before you go... You know?


We've done everything we can to keep your bookings flexible, meaning with all bookings, we are offering unlimited date changes. Yeah, that's right unlimited. So if you change your mind, can't travel or just want to move it to 2023 or beyond, you can do this free of charge up until 60 days before. We're more flexible than an Olympic gymnast meaning no stress when it comes to your Tru trip. Many other airlines and hotel accommodation have offered a free cancellation or date change policy, meaning if your plans change, you don't have to go through the blood, sweat and tears that you may have had to do pre-pandemic. Now that's some good news, right?


You've probably spent the past year dreaming of that one holiday you missed out on, the beach you should have been sipping margaritas on. By now, you've probably done all the market research, tried to cook the local cuisine at home to pretend you're there or photoshopped your head onto some influencers body on the beaches of Dubai. But the promise of having your booking and money safe after the shit show of cancellations last year will be on everyone's mind. Which may be one of the reasons you're put off by booking your holiday just yet but fear not when we say your money is safe; we mean it can be used as a lifetime deposit—no expiration date. Lifetime means lifetime. You may not feel comfortable travelling this year or next, hey it may be 20 years, but we'll still be here welcoming you with open arms.

A girl at the stunning Nang Yuan view point in Koh Tao Thailand


We've said it once, and we'll say it again... It's important. DO. NOT. STOP. DAYDREAMING. Our passion for travel, exploration and the thrill of new experiences is what makes us burn inside; the thought of venturing to new destinations, getting to know people you haven't met yet can make a dull drizzly Monday morning seem exciting. So we urge you, don't quit your daydream. Dream big, plan bigger. At the end of the day, we only regret the chances we didn't take.

So there you have it. When planning your trip, do some research, make sure it's flexible and get excited. Positive vibes only! Trust us when we say that the first sip of a beer with your mates abroad will hit different.

In the words of dreamboat Zac Efron in High School Musical - We're all in this together.

If you have any questions, want to chat through your dream destination or just genuinely want a mate... Hit us up at or give us a call on +44 020 3542 2463

See you on the beach!



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