Sailing Holidays Are The Hottest New Trend of 2021

Oh, to be sailing around Greece on a yacht, wind in my hair, forgetting the problems of the past 15 months.

Birds Eye View of Naxos Greece with Sailboat and gorgeous blue Ocean with whitewashed buildings

Sailing holidays are trending and it's no surprise why! You may already know that I went to Greece last year in July... I mean, I wrote about it here, so you probably should know. Tru then gave me the chance to go again in September... This time on a MFing yacht. Yes, that’s right, I went with the TruCrew on a sailing trip. What did we get up to in Greece, you ask?

Well...I ate unbelievable amounts of greek food, sipped cocktails beachfront and sailed from island to island, spending the days with the rest of TruCrew; when I say it was really was BLISS. I’d never been sailing before. I’d thrown the backpack over my shoulder and explored the world, but on a boat? I’d never even thought about it…

The best part about sailing!


You might be like me, overpacking, super organised, researched every destination and restaurant in advance but the travelling part. I’m not so sold on queuing at the airport, delays, ferry terminals. So the best part, YOU ONLY HAVE TO UNPACK ONCE.

You’re not packing up and leaving every other day; once you unpack on the boat, you’re home. There’s no throwing your stuff in the suitcase, rushing down to make your check out time. It’s just you, the TruFam and the sea, and I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty magical to me. Plus, I’m lazy AF.

A group in swim wear on a sail boat in Corfu, Greece, surrounded by bright blue turquoise water and mountainous landscapes

When I say it was easy, I mean it was easy peasy lemon squeezy. Your skipper takes you everywhere. One day I was sailing into the most gorgeous scenic port; the next night, we’re docked up within walking distance to the local town. You wake up in the morning, and you’re at sea, the sun is shining, you’re on the open deck having a delicious breakfast with your mates. Now try to tell me your problems aren’t melting away at the very thought. There’s no rushing to get the local bus or missing reservations; you’re exactly where you need to be.


Ok, cringe, cliche, whatever. But so much of a holiday can be trying to get places, trying to locate that hidden gem you saw on Pinterest but with sailing? The journey there is just as good as the experience. Sailing, music playing on the open deck, docking up in destinations only accessible by boat. Jeeeeeze, I’M READY.

Ok, so call me crazy, but I’m going back to Greece this year. Mainly because I’m Mamma Mia obsessed and I want to live out my best young Donna life, but also because there are so many islands and hidden spots to see! I’ve been to Santorini, to Mykonos, to the big party islands. But a part of me wants to jump in the waters of Syvota’s blue lagoon, to sail to hidden beaches and sip cocktails with my mates, knowing I’ve gone off the beaten path in a country I adore so much.

A shot of the sail boat in Greece sailing on the deep blue ocean



Travelling right now isn’t as easy as it once was. That’s why when you sail, there’s no stress; your route and plan is all in the hands of your captain, your skipper, your sea directioner, whatever you want to call it, plus you can control your enviroment, that means cleanliness, (no nose pickers) and who you interact with (no d*ckheads allowed). It's your holiday and you only spend it with who you want! From sunset BBQs onboard to early morning dips in the glistening blue seas. This year I’m sailing around Greece on a yacht, remaking the stepbrother’s boat’s and hoes video and living my best life.


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