Now international travel is back on and we can plan our holidays, it’s time to treat yourself to that bucket list trip abroad. Maybe you’ve non-stop been dreaming of that white sandy beach in The Maldives or perhaps all you’ve ever wanted was to travel aboard the famous Ella - Kandy train. We’re here to make those dreams a stress free reality as we compile the 5 easiest countries to travel to right now with sun, sea, sand and cocktails on the agenda. They are the essentials of a holiday right? If you wanna check out all the countries that are open right now and that you can visit at the moment, you can check out this blog post too!


Mexico is open for tourism! Mexico is one of the easiest countries to travel to right now as it is open to everyone. Currently you do not need a Covid test or proof of double vaccination to enter. Mexico is home to stunning turquoise water coastlines and golden sandy beaches. Plus they’ve got some of the best food in the world. Tacos, Enchiladas, Burritos and a Tru personal favourite… Huevos Rancheros! Whether you’re looking for that ultimate beach bum break, or that action packed adventure. Mexico is very much open for tourism and super easy to travel around! You can stay up to date with Mexico’s requirements here.


We don’t need to tell you that Colombia should be on your bucket list but if you’re looking for stress free, go straight through the airport experience Colombia is it. You do not need a negative PCR test or proof of vaccination, you just need to fill out a health questionnaire in advance. You can find that here. Colombia is fully open to tourists and we don’t mean to brag but our Colombia Uncovered is probably the best god damn tour around. So if you’re dreaming of private island hostels, untouched waterfalls and vibrant, bustling city views, well.. Colombia may be calling you. You can stay up to date with Colombia’s requirements here.


Pura Vida, the next on our list is Costa Rica! Currently Costa Rica is right up there on our list of easiest countries to travel to right now as it does not require a negative COVID 19 test but you simply have to have the right insurance coverage? I mean, we always need insurance to travel anyway right? You either need to show proof of double vaccination or proof of adequate insurance by filling out this health form. Costa Rica is home to diverse wildlife, luscious green jungles and is one of the adventure capitals of the world because of its abundance of next level adrenaline-packed activities. White water rafting, zip lining, jungle night safari. It’s an adventure lover’s paradise and a beer is only around 3 dollars which isn't bad at all...So it's 100% on our must visit destination in 2022 list for that reason alone. You can find more about Costa Rica’s requirements here.


Sri Lanka’s borders are officially open without quarantine to those who are fully vaccinated! Travel to Sri Lanka is super easy and you will just need to have a negative PCR test on arrival and after that you’re free to explore this incredible country as you please! Sri Lanka has some of the most beautiful hikes and viewpoints in the world alongside an abundance of unique and adventurous activities. Yep we’re talking river safari, world famous scenic trains, cooking classes and glamping! Sri Lanka has become a firm Tru favourite and we’re kick starting our tours back this December 2021. So what are you waiting for? It’s going to be a wild one! You can find out more about Sri Lanka entry requirements here.

There you have it, the easiest destinations to travel to right now and trust us when we say they’re all pretty amazing. Travel is back on and we couldn't be more excited to be back exploring this incredible world. So… See you on tour?

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