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Here at TruHQ there's not much that we love more than travelling, but writing about our travels and passing our wisdom on to others does come a close second. Below is a selection of blogs written by our team to inspire, guide and help you in your future travels! Happy reading!

Eve - Aug 07, 2023
CAREER FEAR? GAP YEAR!     We know how it feels to finish Uni and think, what now? You spend so many late nights in the…
10 PLACES YOU HAVE TO VISIT BEFORE YOU DIE Alexa defines 'bucket list' as 'A number of experiences or achievements that a person h…
SOLO TRAVEL CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND YOUR MINDSET What's the first thing you heard when you mentioned to your friend or family mem…
Gemma - Oct 28, 2020
FOOTBALLERS RANKED AS BACKPACKERS So 2020 has been crazy, no seriously it’s been madness. But we’re here to brighten your day…
Lily Shield Polyzoides - Sep 22, 2020
TRUTHOUGHTS- SHOULD I TAKE A GAP YEAR? PART 2! With all of the controversy right now around A Level results (and almost everythin…
Adapt and overcome! Everybody has been dealing with this downtime differently, but what soon became apparent is that our Tru Crew…
confessions of a group leader
Everyday is a holiday when you’re a TruTravels Group Leader, and I thank my lucky stars it happens to be my gig. If you’ve tra…
Group of travellers stood in front of waterfalls surrounded by green trees
SAY GOODBYE TO THE 9-5! Too many people these days are so wrapped up in focusing on their 'careers' that they forget what it is li…
kayaking in khao sok group
Want to be the architect of your own destiny? Have the opportunity to work with an awesome team and see the world? Then read on…
travelling in thailand sign on the beach life is beautiful
I’m sitting on top of a volcano in Indonesia, my legs are aching and my trainers are full of volcanic ash after hiking throughou…
Group ready for a muay thai lesson, Thailand
In the second of our TruReviews series, the TruFam decided to get fit and head up to Diamond Muay Thai in Thong Sala, Koh Phangan…

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