Black Friday 2021 Deals


After the last couple of years we've had, we know that 2022 will be the year of travel! It's finally time to take that holiday of a lifetime we've been patiently waiting for. To celebrate the world finally opening up again, especially to our destinations a bit further afield, we've decided to bring our BLACK FRIDAY SALE to you earlier than we usually do! Starting today, we're giving you huge discounts & low deposits that you'd be a fool to say no to. This really is THE best time of the year for saving BIG!! With up to 40% off selected tours and dates and a blanket 25% off EVERY tour running in 2021/2022, you'd be crazy not to book now! ANDDD you can secure your tour of a lifetime for just a £100 deposit... so what are you waiting for??

The hardest bit is picking the destinations... with so many amazing destinations on sale, it's a challenge. But since there's 25% off ALL departures. YES 25% off EVERYTHING! in addition to the 40% off selected tours, why would you want to pick just one?!

Pick your destination, secure that discount of up to 40% (and 25% off ALL departures), drop that £100 deposit and get ready to go!


Where to go? What to choose? Here's some Black Friday Travel Inspiration for you! 25% off ALL Tours! and 40% off selected tours listed below!


Visit Thailand with up to 40% off:

14 Day Northern Thailand Adventure, 14 Day Thailand Island Hopper, 16 Day Full Moon Island Hopper, 27 Day Total Thailand, 23 Day Northern Thailand & Full Moon

Visit Vietnam with up to 40% off:

10 Day Vietnam South, 17 Day Vietnam Explorer, 10 Day Vietnam North

Visit Indonesia with up to 40% off:

18 Day Bali & Beyond, 9 Day Komodo Island Hopper, 10 Day Bali Experience, 8 Day Bali Energise, 10 Day Bali Bliss

Visit Sri Lanka with up to 40% off:

10 Day Sri Lanka Uncovered

Visit Cambodia with up to 40% off:

10 Day Cambodia Explorer

Visit The Maldives with up to 40% off:

8 Day Maldives Sailing Adventure

Visit Borneo with up to 40% off:

9 Day Borneo Adventure, 12 Day Borneo & Below


Visit The Philippines with up to 30% off:

8 Day Philippines East, 17 Day Philippines Island Hopper

Visit Laos with up to 30% off:

7 Day Laos Explorer, 11 Day Laos Explorer XL

Visit Thailand with up to 30% off:

8 Day Thailand Experience, 9 Day Thailand Escape, 21 Day Northern Thailand & Beaches



Visit Laos with 25% off:

11 Day Laos Explorer XL, 7 Day Laos Explorer

Visit The Philippines with 25% off:

10 Day Philippines West

Visit Thailand with 25% off:

10 Day Full Moon Experience, 5 Day Full Moon Party Pack

Visit The Maldives with 25% off:

8 Day Maldives Island Hopper



Visit Greece with up to 30% off:

8 Day Greece Sailing Adventure, 9 Day Greece Island Hopper

Visit Croatia with up to 30% off:

8 Day Croatia Sailing Adventure



Visit Peru with up to 40% off:

9 Day Peru - Inca Adventure

Visit Costa Rica with up to 40% off: 

10 Day Costa Rica Adventure

Visit Colombia with 40% off:

12 Day Colombia Uncovered

Visit Mexico with 25% off:

11 Mexico Yucatan Experience

Wherever you're heading in 2021/2022, there really is no better time to book than during our Black Friday Sale. Whether you're heading to Asia, Latin America or Europe we've got deals on deals on deals for all of them. Save yourself some money, secure your spot for just £100 and we'll see you on your adventure! Spots are limited, so hurry before it's too late!

Black Friday 2021 sale valid from 12:01 am Monday 15th November 2021 - 11:59 pm 29th November 2021. See T&Cs here.

If you have any questions, fancy a chat or want to discuss more, hit us up on our live chat on our website or drop us a line on +44 203 542 2463.

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