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Here at TruHQ there's not much that we love more than travelling, but writing about our travels and passing our wisdom on to others does come a close second. Below is a selection of blogs written by our team to inspire, guide and help you in your future travels! Happy reading!

Dream Job beach days
Always wanted to travel the world for work?! Imagine meeting awesome people from all around the globe and sharing your love for tr…
saving for vacation pot
Have you been dreaming of getting away, plotting your escape from the 9-5 and whisking yourself off to a desert island? You have a…
A stunning shot of two fishermen in Vietnam at sunset
TruCrew - Sep 12, 2017
They say best things come in small packages and this definitely applies to Vietnam! This iconic country is a bundle of historical…
A scenic photo of Koh Rong Sanloem in Cambodia showing the crystal clear blue sea, white sand beach and lush green landscape
Think crystal clear waters, white sands, the chance to unplug from reality and relax in a tranquil paradise. Koh Rong Samloem is a…
Group of travellers stood in front of waterfalls surrounded by green trees
SAY GOODBYE TO THE 9-5! Too many people these days are so wrapped up in focusing on their 'careers' that they forget what it is li…
Our Tru Babe Heidi tells us the highlights of her trip backpacking Southern Thailand. Here she sums up some hidden gems off the be…
shopping at bangkok markets colourful throws
While traveling, you may end up in a country that requires you to do a lot of bargaining. Whether you are booking a tour, taking a…
bottle beach love heart tree
Koh Phangan is most famously known as the island home to the wild wonders of the full moon party on Haad Rin beach. But little do…
large group of people on a boat holing beers in the air in Thailand
TruCrew - May 30, 2017
One of our legendary TruTravellers, Charlotte from our past 10 day Bali Experience tells us her real experience of being on a…
A woman practicing yoga by a picturesque blue waterfall
Thailand is a fantastic destination for yoga practitioners. There is a wide variety of yoga studios, yoga retreats and workshops h…
A photo of the monks at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia at sunrise
TruCrew - May 09, 2017
We would like to introduce you to a little something we have been a part of over the last few years. As part of a Buddhist associa…
A women practicing yoga by a serene lake
You have been working hard for that bikini body- so why throw away all of your hard work once you hit the beach? I know that when…
A girl wearing a blue floral shirt at the beach showing the clear blue sea and sky in the background
A lot of people think that traveling is out of the question for them because they cannot afford it. In some cases this may be true…
A group of four at the beach in Koh Lanta at sunset with their hands in the air
An insiders account of backpacking solo through South East Asia. Our friend and travel blogger Rachel Mcvay gives us some tips and…
An image of a pool with graphic text saying Why Taking A Break From Social Media Can Do You A World Of Good
IN THE WORDS OF KITKAT - TAKE A BREAK OK, so this may sound a little hypocritical as we post about taking a break from social medi…
Always wanted to travel the world but you can’t find someone to go with you? Or maybe you’re a group of friends but all feel c…

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